What is leakage?

  • (noun): The unwanted discharge of a fluid from some container.
    Synonyms: escape, leak, outflow

Some articles on leakage:

Airborne Particulate Radioactivity Monitoring - Introduction - CPAM Applications: Reactor Leak Detection
... Leakage from the so-called "reactor coolant pressure boundary" is required to be monitored in nuclear power plants ... Relating the observed CPAM response to the 88Rb back to a leakage rate from the primary system is far from trivial ... to the extent practical, identifying the location of the source of reactor coolant leakage ...
Carbon Leakage - Current Schemes
... (2007) assessed the literature on spillover effects and carbon leakage ... They defined carbon leakage as the increase in CO2 emissions outside of the countries taking domestic mitigation action, divided by the reduction in emissions of countries taking domestic mitigation ... Accordingly, a leakage rate greater than 100% would mean that domestic actions to reduce emissions had had the effect of increasing emissions in other countries to a greater extent, i.e ...
Leakage Effect - Reducing Leakage
... For many countries, some sources of leakage are unavoidable ... a country's tourism industry may reduce leakage in the long run ...