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Laura Howell

Laura Howell is a British-born comic strip artist. She is the first female artist in the history of The Beano comic, and responsible for "Johnny Bean from Happy Bunny Green", "Les Pretend" and Beano Manga. She also drew Billy the Cat in the Special 70 Years Beano, and two Minnie the Minx strips in the same comic. Laura also works for Toxic magazine, drew the comic strip "Sneaky, the world's cleverest elephant" for the DFC comic, and is an award-winning Manga artist, including a stylized version of Gilbert and Sullivan. She also draws Bro VS Bro in Toxic. She lives in Birmingham, England.

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Laura Howell - External Links
... Laura Howell's website The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan. ...
Vic Volcano - List of Beano Comic Strips
... and is currently ongoing Leo Baxendale Ron Spencer, Tom Paterson, Hunt Emerson, Laura Howell 1953 Present Minnie the Minx Leo Baxendale Jim Petrie, Tom Paterson, Ken Harrison, Laura Howell, Nigel ... ongoing John Sherwood Trevor Metcalfe, Laura Howell 1990 Present Lee's Fleas Bob Dewar 1991 ... Henry Burrows Trevor Metcalfe 1992 ... Merboy Emilios Hatjoulis 1992 1992 ... Dyson Nick Brennan, Wayne Thompson 2007 ... Big Brad Wolf Ken Harrison 2006 ... Ratz Hunt Emerson Laura Howell 2006 Present Pirates of the Caribeano Barrie ...
Les Pretend
... again disappeared before returning a couple of years later, this time drawn by Laura Howell ... Laura Howell also drew Les's strip for the 2010 and 2011 Beano Annuals ... Les Pretend returned to The Beano in the Funsize Funnies in #3660 drawn by Laura Howell once again ...
Johnny Bean From Happy Bunny Green
... The strip's artist is Laura Howell, who also pens and has subsequently taken over outright Hunt Emerson's "Ratz", and has also drawn one Minnie the Minx and ... His strip continued to appear regularly in the Beano until autumn 2009, when Laura Howell started drawing Beano Manga ... He later made a return as a regular before the strip ended in 2010, after Laura Howell's strip Meebo and Zuky won that year's Comic Idol contest ...

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