What is larboard?

  • (noun): The left side of a ship or aircraft to someone facing the bow or nose.
    Synonyms: port
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Battle Of Cape St Vincent (1797) - Battle - 3:00 P.m.
... Captain opened fire on the Spanish vessels with her larboard (port) side broadside and then put the helm over and hooked her larboard cat-head with the starboard ... I passed with my people, and Lieutenant Pearson, on the larboard gangway, to the forecastle, where I met two or three Spanish officers, prisoners to my seamen they delivered me ...
Capture Of HMS Cyane - Documents - After Action Report By Captain of The USS Constitution Charles Stewart
... At 1 discovered a sail two points on the larboard bow—hauled up and made sail in chace—At 1/2 past 1 made the Sail to be a Ship's at 3/4 past 1 discovered ... commenced firing on the chace from our larboard bow guns—our shot falling short, ceased firing—At 1/2 past 5, finding it impossible to prevent their ... abreast of their headmost ship, the sternmost ship luffing up for our larboard quarter—we poured a broadside into the headmost ship, and then braced aback our Main and Mizen Topsails, and ...

More definitions of "larboard":

  • (adj): Located on the left side of a ship or aircraft.
    Synonyms: port