What is knowledge society?

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CGA (Advanced Management Centre) - Andalusian Educational Policy Framework
... Government launched the Bill of Measures to Propel the “Knowledge Society” in Andalusia (“Decreto de medidas de impulso a la sociedad del conocimiento en Andalucía” ) on the 18th of March 2003, a singular ... full incorporation into the “Knowledge society”, and consequently, to achieve a higher standard of living, a better territorial balance and a more competitive and widened productive sector in Andalusia ... and health related ones, to the demands and potential of the “knowledge society” ...
History of Technoethics - Misunderstandings of Consciousness and Technology
... has gone through drastic changes.” The third misunderstanding is that technology controls society and consciousness, when really technology does not control society and ... deal with the trials and tribunes of living with technology.” The last misunderstanding is society controls technology and consciousness which is not true, society does not control technology and consciousness ... complex relational nature of technology as an operation within mind and society ...
Second Modernity - Knowledge Society
... Second modernity has also been linked to the so-called knowledge society, marked by a pluralisation of different types of knowledge ... It is characterised in particular by knowledge-dependent risks - the uncertainties manufactured by the information world itself ...
Development of The Information Society Model
... His work culminated in the study "The production and distribution of knowledge in the United States" in 1962 ... The Japanese have also studied the information society (or johoka shakai, 情報化社会) ... The issue of technologies and their role in contemporary society have been discussed in the scientific literature using a range of labels and concepts ...

Famous quotes containing the words society and/or knowledge:

    One ought not to hoard culture. It should be adapted and infused into society as a leaven. Liberality of culture does not mean illiberality of its benefits.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    Yours of the 24th, asking “the best mode of obtaining a thorough knowledge of the law” is received. The mode is very simple, though laborious, and tedious. It is only to get the books, and read, and study them carefully.... Work, work, work, is the main thing.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)