What is KB?

  • (noun): A unit of information equal to one thousand (1024) bytes.
    Synonyms: kilobyte, K


The abbreviation KB or kb can refer to:

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Some articles on KB:

Gradiente Expert - Technical Specifications
... GPC-1) @ 3.58 MHz MSX Engine T7937A (Plus DD Plus) @ 3.58 MHz RAM 64 KB VRAM 16 KB (Texas Instruments TMS9918) ROM 32 KB Keyboard mechanic, 89 keys (with 4 cursor keys ...
Twin Famicom - Overview - Specs
... Main Processors 6502 modified at 1.79 MHz RAM 2 KB work RAM, 2 KB video RAM, 32 KB extra work RAM in FDS mode, 8 KB extra video RAM in FDS mode ROM FDS BIOS and 60 ...
KB - Other Uses
... the College of Science and Engineering Druk Air (IATA code KB), the national airline of Bhutan Kine Bud, a fairly potent strain of marijuana often referred to as KB, and, erroneously, Kind Bud Knowledge base, a ... KB Lager, a brand of Australian beer WWKB, a radio station often referred to as KB Radio 1520 ...
Minimig - Hardware - Implementation
512 kB SRAM for Kickstart used as ROM. 1536 kB Slow RAM expansion (originally 512 kB). 2048 kB Chip RAM (originally 1024 kB) ...
... It used a 2MHz Zilog Z80A microprocessor, with 16Kb of random access memory and 16Kb of read-only memory ... The video output was through a PAL-M television with 16×32/64 within text mode and 48×128 points within the graphic mode ...