What is kaitiaki?


Kaitiaki is a New Zealand term used for the Māori concept of guardianship, for the sky, the sea, and the land. A kaitiaki is a guardian, and the process and practices of protecting and looking after the environment are referred to as kaitiakitanga

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Taonga - The Wai 262 Claim in Respect of Mātauranga Māori
... A taonga work will possess mauri and have living kaitiaki in accordance with tikanga Māori.” (Vol 1, 1.7.3 p ... Kaitiaki can be spiritual guardians that exist in non-human form kaitiaki obligations also exist in the human realm ... an obligation to care for and nurture not only physical well-being but also mauri." Kaitiaki obligations are described by the Tribunal as being that, “those ...