What is Kahn?

  • (noun): United States architect (born in Estonia) (1901-1974).
    Synonyms: Louis Isadore Kahn


Kahn is a German surname. Kahn is the German word for a small boat. It is also a Germanized form of the Jewish surname Cohen, another variant of which is Cahn.

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Bhai Kahn Singh Of Nabha - Biography
... Kahn Singh was the eldest of three brothers (the other two being Meehan Singh and Bishan Singh) and one sister (Kahn Kaur) ... volume work entitled "The Sikh Religion", Kahn Singh helped Macauliffe in his study of Sikh scriptures and the history of early Sikhism ... When it was published by the Clarendon Press Kahn Singh was assigned the copyright of the work ...
Lucille Kahn
... Lucille Kahn (1902–1995) was a successful Broadway stage actress who became notable in the 1950s and 1960s for her advocacy and support for efforts to expand ... In the 1920s, Kahn appeared in several productions opposite theatre legends Otis Skinner and Lionel Barrymore, most notably in the David Belasco production of Laugh ... Kahn, a close friend and early supporter of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce ...
Stephen Kahn
... Stephen James Kahn (born, December 14, 1983 in Fullerton, California) is a professional baseball pitcher who is currently a member of the Seattle Mariners ... Kahn was drafted in the fifth round of the 2005 Major League Baseball Draft by the Mariners ... Kahn attended Servite High School and then Loyola Marymount University prior to being drafted ...
People With The Personal Name Kahn
... Kahn Fotuali'i (born 1982), New Zealand rugby union player of Samoan origin Kahn Morbee, Lead vocalist for the South African Band, The Parlotones Fictional people Kahn ...
Citizens' Committee For Children - Reports
... Kahn of the Columbia University School of Social Work prepared a report issued in 1953 on the Children's Court in New York, based on a three-year study he performed ... Kahn was able to examine records, interview staff and to observe cases as they were being decided ... While complementary of some aspects of the court's operation, Kahn called the system "a dream still unrealized" that needed to focus more on rehabilitation than punishment ...