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Al Clouston
... Alwyn Vey Clouston (1910–October 27, 2004 in St ... John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) was a Canadian storyteller and humourist known as "Uncle Al." He was popular at conventions during the time he worked as a travelling businessman and ... John's, Newfoundland ...

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    Reprehension is a kind of middle thing betwixt admonition and correction: it is sharpe admonition, but a milde correction. It is rather to be used because it may be a meanes to prevent strokes and blowes, especially in ingenuous and good natured children. [Blows are] the last remedy which a parent can use: a remedy which may doe good when nothing else can.
    William Gouge, Puritan writer. As quoted in The Rise and Fall of Childhood by C. John Sommerville, ch. 11 (rev. 1990)