What is island platform?

Island Platform

An island platform (also center platform, centre platform) is a station layout arrangement where a single platform is positioned between two tracks within a railway station, tram stop or transitway interchange. Island platforms are popular on twin-track routes and can provide for services in both directions from a single platform requiring only one set of supporting services (toilets, ticket offices, kiosks). They are also useful within larger stations where local and express services for the same direction of travel can be provided from opposite sides of the same platform thereby simplifying transfers between the two. An alternative arrangement is to position side platforms on either side of the tracks.

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Island Platform - Gallery
... Ashton-under-Lyne station, an island platformed station in England The underground island platform in Dingxi Station of the Taipei Metro system Navy Yard – Ballpark station on the Washington ...
Connel Ferry Railway Station - History
... original layout at Connel Ferry comprised a crossing loop with platforms on either side, with some sidings on the north side ... The original Down platform became an island platform, with the Down Main line routed alongside the new south face, and the Up Main line (the original Down line) to its north ... The former Up platform became the Branch Platform and a bay platform was constructed at its west end ...
Solihull Railway Station
... in a subway, where footsteps lead up to the island platform ... decades, with a goods yard being removed, an island platform and a signal box ... With the removal of an island platform, Solihull has since lost its platform buildings, being reduced to a single platform building ...
Acre Railway Station - Design
... The station consists of a side platform on the west (housing platform 1) and an island platform on the east (housing platforms 2 and 3) as well as two parallel rail tracks running between the side platform and ... The station hall is located on the west platform and a pedestrian tunnel connects the two platforms beneath the tracks ... Platform 1 is used for northbound trains, platform 2 for southbound trains and platform 3 is used for trains beginning or ending their journey at the station ...
Teralba Railway Station
... on the Newcastle Central Coast Line.The station has two platforms ... Prior to rail electrification, Teralba station operated an island platform, the eastern side for coal transportation from the Pacific colliery, and ... and passenger services to Sydney used the other side of the island platform.Trains to Newcastle and points north went through the western platform ...

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