What is interrupter gear?

Interrupter Gear

An interrupter gear is a device used on military aircraft and warships in order to allow them to target opponents without damaging themselves.

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Interrupter Gear - Obsolescence
... The usefulness of synchronization gears naturally disappeared altogether when jet engines eliminated the propeller, at least in fighter aircraft but gun synchronization, even in single piston engined ... with the additional weight of their synchronization gear (which slowed their rate of fire, albeit only slightly, and still occasionally failed, resulting in ...
Roland Garros (aviator) - Biography - Development of Interrupter Gear
... The so-called interrupter gear did not come into use until Anthony Fokker developed a synchronization device which had a large impact on air combat however ... German aircraft engineers, led by Fokker, designed the improved interrupter gear system ... With the advent of the interrupter gear the tables were turned on the Allies, with Fokker's planes shooting down many Allied aircraft, leading to what became known as the Fokker Scourge ...

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