What is increment?

  • (noun): A process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important.
    Synonyms: increase, growth
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An increment is an increase of some amount, either fixed or variable. For example one's salary may have a fixed annual increment or one based on a percentage of its current value. A decrease is called a decrement.

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Sbrk - Function Signatures and Behavior
... include int brk(void *end_data_segment) void *sbrk(intptr_t increment) The brk subroutine sets the program break value to the value of the end_data_segment ... value the number of bytes contained in the increment parameter and changes the amount of available space accordingly ... The increment parameter can be a negative number, in which case the amount of available space is decreased ...
Periodic Annual Increment
... Periodic annual increment (PAI), is a forestry term that describes the change in the size of a tree between the beginning and ending of a growth period, divided by the ... Periodic annual increment is commonly used instead of current annual increment as a basis for computing growth per cent ...
Leibniz's Notation
... dx and dy to represent "infinitely small" (or infinitesimal) increments of x and y, just as Δx and Δy represent finite increments of x and y ... later came to be viewed as was, according to Leibniz, the quotient of an infinitesimal increment of y by an infinitesimal increment of x, or where the ... of view of modern infinitesimal theory, is an infinitesimal x-increment, is the corresponding y-increment, and the derivative is the standard part of the infinitesimal ratio ...
Increment - Gaming
... Increment, in chess, refers to the additional time a player receives on each move Incremental health, in video gaming ...
Approximate Counting Algorithm - Algorithm
... If it comes up "Heads" each time, then increment the counter ... Otherwise, do not increment it ... This procedure is be executed each time the request is made to increment the counter ...

More definitions of "increment":

  • (noun): The amount by which something increases.
    Synonyms: increase