What is inbred?

  • (adj): Normally existing at birth.
    Synonyms: connatural, inborn, native
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Dominance Versus Overdominance - Historical Retrospective
... But overdominance implies that yields on an inbred strain should decrease as inbred strains are selected for the performance of their hybrid crosses, as the proportion of harmful recessives in the inbred ... genetics has proven that the reverse occurs, that yields increase in both the inbred strains and the hybrids, suggesting that dominance alone may be adequate to explain the superior yield of ...
Hybrid Seed
... The advantage of growing hybrid seed compared to inbred lines comes from heterosis ... To produce hybrid seed, elite inbred varieties are crossed with well-documented and consistent phenotypes (such as yield) and the resulting hybrid seed is collected ... Although two elite inbred parent plant varieties may produce the highest yields of their crop, it does not necessarily mean that crossing these inbreds will result in the highest yielding hybrid ...
List Of Me SH Codes (B01) - MeSH B01 --- Animals - MeSH B01.150 --- Chordata - MeSH B01.150.900 --- Vertebrates
... mice, inbred strains MeSH B01.150.900.649.865.635.505.500.400.300 --- mice, inbred a MeSH B01.150.900.649.865.635.505.500.400.318 --- mice, inbred akr ...
Dominance Versus Overdominance - Genetic Basis of Heterosis
... When a population is small or inbred, it tends to lose genetic diversity ... Inbred strains tend to be homozygous for recessive alleles that are mildly harmful (or produce a trait that is undesirable from the standpoint of the breeder) ... is the tendency of outbred strains to exceed both inbred parents in fitness ...
Open Pollination
... The resulting hybrid strain can sometimes be inbred and selected for desired traits until a strain that breeds true by open pollination can be developed ... The result may be referred to as a hybrid inbred or inbred hybrid strain ... To add some confusion, the term "hybrid inbred" also applies to hybrids that are made from selected inbred lines that have certain desired characteristics (see ...

More definitions of "inbred":

  • (adj): Produced by inbreeding.