What is immobilization?

  • (noun): The act of limiting movement or making incapable of movement.
    Example: "The storm caused complete immobilization of the rescue team"
    Synonyms: immobilisation, immobilizing
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Some articles on immobilization:

Polymer Nanocomposite - Bio-hybrid Polymer Nanofibers
... information technology, sensorics, catalysis and drug delivery require their immobilization ... This immobilization has been achieved predominantly by adsorption or by chemical binding and to a lesser extent by incorporating these objects as guests in host matrices ... In the guest host systems, an ideal method for the immobilization of biological objects and their integration into hierarchical architectures should be structured on a nanoscale ...
Biomolecular Engineering of Molecules - Bio-immobilization and Bio-conjugation
... Bio-immobilization and bio-conjugation is the purposeful manipulation of a biomolecule’s mobility by chemical or physical means to obtain a desired property ... Immobilization of biomolecules allows exploiting characteristics of the molecule under controlled environments ... For example, the immobilization of glucose oxidase on calcium alginate gel beads can be used in a bioreactor ...
Immobilization (soil Science)
... Immobilization in soil science is decomposition of organic matter and its absorption by micro-organisms, by which it is prevented from being accessible to ... Immobilization is the opposite of mineralization ...
Muscle Contracture - Cause - Immobilization
... Joints are usually immobilized in a shortened position resulting in changes within the joint connective tissue, and the length of the muscle and associated tendon ... Prolonged immobilization facilitates tissue proliferation which impinges on the joint space ...

More definitions of "immobilization":

  • (noun): Fixation (as by a plaster cast) of a body part in order to promote proper healing.
    Example: "Immobilization of the injured knee was necessary"
    Synonyms: immobilisation