What is ignorant?

  • (adj): Lacking knowledge or skill.
    Synonyms: unversed
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It Pays To Be Ignorant - Listen To
... OTR Network It Pays to Be Ignorant (17 episodes from 1944-1951 episodes) Internet Archive It Pays to Be Ignorant (31 episodes from 1943-1951, 4 episodes with unknown dates) Ignorant It Pays to Be ...
Neighborhoods Of Waco - East Side
... They are Carver East Riverside Timbercrest Ignorant Holler An oft-overlooked portion of East Waco is the Ignorant Holler section ... Among the residents of Ignorant Holler, there have been one Congressional Medal of Honor winner, three Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars, one Navy Cross, and one former ... retired educator, Robert Hawkins, was born and reared in Ignorant Holler and lives in nearby Bellmead, Texas he was inducted into the Texas AFL-CIO Labor Hall of Fame in 2011 ...
Ahimsa In Jainism - Philosophical Overview - Important Constituents - Knowledge
... How can an ignorant person be compassionate, when he cannot distinguish between the good and the evil?" – DS iv It further declares "Knowledge of living ... What can an ignorant do ? How does he know what is noble and what is evil?" The knowledge is also considered necessary to destroy Karmas ... Samaṇ Suttaṁ declared "The ignorant cannot destroy their Karmas by their actions while the wise can do it by their inaction i.e ...
A Darkling Plain - Explanation of The Novel's Title
... Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight Where ignorant armies clash by night ... The characters are indeed swept about, often against their will, by the "ignorant armies" of the Green Storm and Traktionstadtsgesellschaft, on the "darkling plain" of the Great Hunting ... character Nimrod Pennyroyal writes a book within a book titled Ignorant Armies ...
Invincible Error
... act that the act is evil If a person is ignorant of one of these two facts, then the type of ignorance becomes important ... If the person is intentionally or willfully ignorant, this is known as vincible ignorance, and the act is still considered a sin ... If, however, the person is unintentionally ignorant of one of these two key facts, then they are considered invincibly ignorant, and have committed an invincible error ...

More definitions of "ignorant":

  • (adj): Used of things; lacking sense or awareness.
    Example: "Ignorant hope"
    Synonyms: innocent
  • (adj): Ignorant of the fundamentals of a given art or branch of knowledge.
    Example: "Ignorant of quantum mechanics"
    Synonyms: illiterate
  • (adj): Lacking basic knowledge.
    Example: "How can someone that age be so ignorant?"
    Synonyms: inexperienced

Famous quotes containing the word ignorant:

    That woman’s days were spent
    In ignorant good-will,
    Her nights in argument
    Until her voice grew shrill.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    People whose understanding and taste in literature, painting, and music are beyond question are, for the most part, ignorant of what is good or bad art in the theater.
    Minnie Maddern Fiske (1865–1932)