What is ignition system?

  • (noun): The mechanism that ignites the fuel in an internal-combustion engine.
    Synonyms: ignition

Ignition System

An ignition system is a system for igniting a fuel-air mixture. Ignition systems are well known in the field of internal combustion engines such as those used in petrol (gasoline) engines used to power the majority of motor vehicles, but they are also used in many other applications such as in oil-fired and gas-fired boilers, rocket engines, etc.

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Electrical Ballast - Resistors - Fixed Resistors
... term also refers to an automobile engine component that lowers the supply voltage to the ignition system after the engine has been started ... a very heavy load on the battery, the system voltage can drop quite low during cranking ... To allow the engine to start, the ignition system must be designed to operate on this lower voltage ...
Ignition System - Turbine, Jet, and Rocket Engines
... Gas turbine engines, including jet engines, have a capacitor discharge ignition system using one or more ignitor plugs, which are only used at startup ... Rocket engine ignition systems are especially critical ... If prompt ignition does not occur, the combustion chamber can fill with excess fuel and oxidiser and significant overpressure can occur (a "hard start") or even an explosion ...
Auto Parts - Electrical and Electronics - Ignition System
... Coil wire Distributor Electronic timing controller Ignition box Ignition coil Ignition coil parts Ignition controller Magneto Spark plug ...
Capacitor Discharge Ignition - The Basic Principle
... Most ignition systems used in cars are inductive discharge ignition (IDI) systems, which are solely relying on the electric inductance at the coil to produce high-voltage electricity to ... In a CDI system, a charging circuit charges a high voltage capacitor, and at the instant of ignition the system stops charging the capacitor, allowing the ... First, the system voltage is raised up to 400-600 volts by a transformer inside the CDI module ...
Top Fuel Engines - Ignition and Timing
... Normal ignition timing is 58-65 degrees BTDC ... The ignition system limits the engine speed to 8400 rpm ... The ignition system provides initial 50,000 volts and 1.2 amperes ...

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