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Records Of The Three Kingdoms - Pei Songzhi's Annotations - List of Texts Used in Pei Songzhi's Annotations
... Records the history of the late Han Dynasty ... to the Duke of Shanyang (Emperor Xian of Han, as he was known after he was dethroned) ... Er Zhou Chunqiu (Annals of Jiao and Guang provinces) Wang Fan (王範) Records the history of Jiao and Guang provinces ...
Murong Chao - Reign
... Murong Zhen (慕容鎮) the Prince of Guilin and Han Fan (韓範) to attack Murong Zhong, Murong Fa, and Duan Hong ... to capture people to be trained as musicians, despite the opposition from Han Zhuo (Han Fan's brother, name not in Unicode) ... When Murong Zhen commented to Han Zhuo that this would lead to the empire's destruction, Murong Chao threw Murong Zhen into prison ...
Murong De - Reign
... Murong De considered putting Huatai under siege, but at the advice of his general Han Fan (韓範), who argued that sieging Huatai would be difficult, he took his troops and ... Also in 403, at Murong De's permission, the official Han Zhuo (Han Fan's brother, name not in Unicode) carried out a reform of a policy that Murong De had ... Han Fan agreed with the proposal, feeling that Huan was not a good general and could be easily defeated ...

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    Already nature is serving all those uses which science slowly derives on a much higher and grander scale to him that will be served by her. When the sunshine falls on the path of the poet, he enjoys all those pure benefits and pleasures which the arts slowly and partially realize from age to age. The winds which fan his cheek waft him the sum of that profit and happiness which their lagging inventions supply.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    men may wel often finde
    A lordes sone do shame and vileinye;
    And he that wol han prys of his gentrye
    For he was boren of a gentil hous,
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)