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Covert One: The Hades Factor
... Covert One The Hades Factor (a.k.a ... Robert Ludlum's Covert One The Hades Factor, The Hades Factor) is a made-for-TV thriller filmed in Toronto that first aired in 2006 ... Directed by Mick Jackson, the miniseries is loosely based on The Hades Factor, a 2000 novel written by Gayle Lynds as part of the Covert-One series created by Robert Ludlum ...
Covert-One Series - Plot Summaries - The Hades Factor
... The first major crisis in Jon Smith's life was the Hades Project, a deadly and sinister viral experiment ... The Hades Factor was made into a CBS miniseries, Covert One The Hades Factor, which appeared in the United States in 2006 ...
Covert-One Series - Characters
... In the opening book of the series, The Hades Factor, he is a research scientist with USAMRIID, the U.S ... Sophia Russell, Smith's fiancée who dies in The Hades Factor ... He is very helpful in The Hades Factor and in The Paris Option ...

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    Children of the middle years do not do their learning unaffected by attendant feelings of interest, boredom, success, failure, chagrin, joy, humiliation, pleasure, distress and delight. They are whole children responding in a total way, and what they feel is a constant factor that can be constructive or destructive in any learning situation.
    Dorothy H. Cohen (20th century)

    For Hades is mighty in calling men to account below the earth, and with a mind that records in tablets he surveys all things.
    Aeschylus (525–456 B.C.)