What is gyration?

  • (noun): The act of rotating in a circle or spiral.
    Synonyms: whirling
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In geometry, a gyration is a type of rotation.

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Guiding Center - Gyration
... If the magnetic field is uniform, the particle velocity is perpendicular to the field, and other forces and fields are absent, then the magnetic Lorentz force is perpendicular to both the velocity and the magnetic field and is constant in magnitude, resulting in particle motion at constant speed on a circular path ... This is known as the gyration around the magnetic field ...
Radius Of Gyration - Molecular Applications
... In polymer physics, the radius of gyration is used to describe the dimensions of a polymer chain ... The radius of gyration of a particular molecule at a given time is defined as where is the mean position of the monomers ... As detailed below, the radius of gyration is also proportional to the root mean square distance between the monomers As a third method, the radius of gyration can also be computed by ...
... In geometry, a gyration is a type of rotation ... A rotation point that does not lie on a mirror is called a gyration point ...
Electro-gyration - Description - Electrodynamics Relations
... the wave vector, and, the second rank gyration pseudo-tensors ... spherical coordinate systems (, ), and the pseudo-scalar gyration parameter ... The electro-gyration increment of gyration tensor occurred under the action of electric field or/and is written as , (4) where and are third- and fourth-rank axial tensors describing the linear and quadratic ...
Gyration Tensor
... The gyration tensor is a tensor that describes the second moments of position of a collection of particles where is the Cartesian coordinate of the position vector of the particle ... but gives an alternative calculation method, is Therefore, the x-y component of the gyration tensor for particles in Cartesian coordinates would be In the continuum limit, where represents the ... Although they have different units, the gyration tensor is related to the moment of inertia tensor ...

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