What is Gregory XIII?

  • (noun): The pope who sponsored the introduction of the modern calendar (1572-1585).
    Synonyms: Gregory, Ugo Buoncompagni

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Tommaso Maria Zigliara - Works
... By his teaching and through his writings, he was one of the chief instruments, under Leo XIII, of reviving and propagating Thomistic philosophy throughout the entire Church ... Peter Damian Ephrem the Syrian Francis de Sales Gregory of Nazianzus Gregory the Great Hilary of Poitiers Isidore of Seville Jerome John of Damascus John of the Cross Lawrence of ... Council of Ephesus Council of Chalcedon Benedict of Nursia Second Council of Constantinople Pope Gregory I Gregorian chant Early Middle Ages Third Council of Constantinople Saint Boniface Byzantine ...
Pontifical Gregorian University - History - Early Growth
... a thousand pupils at this point, Pope Gregory XIII wished to give it a more suitable headquarters ... For his sponsorship of the Roman College, Gregory XIII became known as its "founder and father", and from that point the school acquired the title of the "Gregorian University" ... The "Gregorian calendar", so called since it was established by Gregory XIII, and currently in use the world over, was developed by the Jesuit Christopher Clavius, a professor of ...

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    It is the custom of the Roman Church which I unworthily serve with the help of God, to tolerate some things, to turn a blind eye to some, following the spirit of discretion rather than the rigid letter of the law.
    —Pope Gregory VII (c. 1020–1085)