What is gone?

  • (adj): Having all been spent.
    Example: "The money is all gone"
    Synonyms: expended, spent
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More definitions of "gone":

  • (adj): Destroyed or killed.
    Example: "We are gone geese"
    Synonyms: done for, kaput
  • (adj): No longer retained.
    Example: "Gone with the wind"
  • (adj): Not present; having left.
    Example: "Everyone is gone now"
    Synonyms: away, departed

Famous quotes containing the word gone:

    Thus when I come to shape here at this table between my hands the story of my life and set it before you as a complete thing, I have to recall things gone far, gone deep, sunk into this life or that and become part of it; dreams, too, things surrounding me, and the inmates, those old half-articulate ghosts who keep up their hauntings by day and night ... shadows of people one might have been; unborn selves.
    Virginia Woolf (1882–1941)