What is give birth?

  • (verb): Give birth (to a newborn).
    Synonyms: deliver, bear, birth, have
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Quando El Rey Nimrod - Lyrics
... That every pregnant woman Who did not give birth at once was going to be killed because Abraham our father was going to born ... topó una meara, alli lo pariria At the end of nine months she was determined to give birth, She walked through the fields and vineyards She didn't tell her husband anything, She found a manger there, she would ... yo." "Mother, my mother, what are you looking for here?" "I gave birth to a precious son here ...
List Of Meerkat Manor Meerkats - Lazuli - Young
... On 24 April 2006 Young and HP give birth to a mixed litter of pups ... On 4 January 2008 Young gave birth to Calvinia, Christiana, Prieska and Lutzputz ... wild females to form the Hoppla group.On 25 August 2008 Young and Caroline give birth Rum, Muck, Eigg and Hen ...
Mononoke (TV Series) - Plot - Zashiki-warashi 座敷童子
... The Zashiki Warashi want Shino to give birth to them, and she agrees, much to the Medicine Seller's dismay ... the love that Shino has for her child, accept that Shino is physically able to only give birth to her own child, and vanish ... credits implies that the child she is about to give birth to is in fact the Mononoke, having taken the place of her own miscarried child ...
Maiacetus - Paleobiology
... The position of the fetus (head-first) suggests that these whales gave birth on land ... Whales generally give birth tail first, while all land mammals give birth head first ... That the Maiacetus should give birth on land is not so implausible because this whale is semiaquatic or amphibious ...
New Immigrants In Hong Kong - Family Reunification and Right of Abode - Influx of Mainland Women Coming To Hong Kong To Give Birth
... Thousands of women from the mainland come to Hong Kong to give birth because it entitles their babies to permanent residency there ... Hong Kong residents pay as little as $12.80 to give birth at a hospital because of extensive government subsidies ... In order to limit mainland mothers coming to give birth, starting Feb ...

More definitions of "give birth":

  • (verb): Create or produce an idea.
    Example: "Marx and Engels gave birth to communism"

Famous quotes containing the words birth and/or give:

    The warped, distorted frame we have put around every Negro child from birth is around every white child also. Each is on a different side of the frame but each is pinioned there. And ... what cruelly shapes and cripples the personality of one is as cruelly shaping and crippling the personality of the other.
    Lillian Smith (1897–1966)

    I like old people when they have aged well. And old houses with an accumulation of sweet honest living in them are good. And the timelessness that only the passing of Time itself can give to objects both inside and outside the spirit is a continuing reassurance.
    M.F.K. Fisher (1908–1992)