What is gigantic formula?

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Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula
... Mechanical Gods' War Gigantic Formula (機神大戦 ギガンティック・フォーミュラ, Kishin Taisen Gigantikku Fōmyura?), also known as Apo Mekhanes Theos Gigantic Formula, is a Japanese anime series ...

Famous quotes containing the words formula and/or gigantic:

    Beauty, like all other qualities presented to human experience, is relative; and the definition of it becomes unmeaning and useless in proportion to its abstractness. To define beauty not in the most abstract, but in the most concrete terms possible, not to find a universal formula for it, but the formula which expresses most adequately this or that special manifestation of it, is the aim of the true student of aesthetics.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)

    In these years we are witnessing the gigantic spectacle of innumerable human lives wandering about lost in their own labyrinths, through not having anything to which to give themselves.
    José Ortega Y Gasset (1883–1955)