What is gibbet?

  • (noun): Instrument of execution consisting of a wooden frame from which condemned persons are executed by hanging.
    Synonyms: gallows, gallows tree, gallows-tree, gallous
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Burgh Muir - As A Place of Execution
... of ground known as "the Gallowgreen" (when its feuing was recorded in 1668) was the site of a gibbet of uncertain date, erected on the eastern edge of the ... In the following year the Town Council ordered the gibbet, described as "foullet and decayand, bayth in the timmer wark and the wallis", to be replaced ... The new gibbet is described in the Town Council Minutes of 1568 as consisting of two or more stone pillars connected at the top by one or more wooden cross-beams, with the whole ...
Gibbet Mill
... Gibbet Mill may refer to a number of windmills ... Gibbet Mill, Rye, East Sussex Gibbet Mill, Great Saughall, Cheshire ...
Halifax Gibbet - Restoration
... The Halifax Gibbet was dismantled after the last executions in 1650, and the site was neglected until the platform on which the gibbet had been mounted was ... A full-scale, fully functioning replica of the Halifax Gibbet was constructed by the cast of The History Channel's Surviving History series, broadcast on 15 ...
Halifax Gibbet - Mechanism
... It is uncertain when the Halifax Gibbet was first introduced, but it may not have been until some time in the 16th century before then decapitation would have been carried out by an executioner using an axe ... The gibbet could be operated by cutting the rope supporting the blade or by pulling out the pin that held the rope ... In an early contemporary account of 1586 Raphael Holinshed attests to the efficiency of the gibbet, and adds some detail about the participation of the onlookers ...
Gibbet Hill, Hindhead
... Gibbet Hill, at Hindhead, Surrey, is a hill above the Devil's Punch Bowl, not far from the A3 London to Portsmouth road in England ... Gibbet Hill stands 272 metres (892 ft) above sea level ... Weydown common lies to the south of Gibbet Hill ...

More definitions of "gibbet":

  • (verb): Hang on an execution instrument.
  • (verb): Expose to ridicule or public scorn.
    Synonyms: pillory