What is gate gourmet?

Gate Gourmet

Gate Gourmet is an airline catering firm with headquarters on the grounds of Zürich Airport, Switzerland, near Zürich.

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... Gate Gourmet is an airline catering firm with headquarters on the grounds of Zürich Airport, Switzerland, near Zürich ... Gate Gourmet was founded in 1992, and is the world's largest independent airline catering, hospitality and logistics company ... As a part of parent company Gate Group, the company has substantially expanded its products and services recently through acquisitions and strategic investments ...
Union Busting - History - Great Britain
... of mass-dismissals in the UK was in 2005 which involved the sacking of over 600 Gate Gourmet workers at Heathrow Airport was viewed as a union busting tactic and caused a great deal of media scrutiny and outrage ... The BBC Reported that "Gate Gourmet sacked more than 600 staff last week in a working practices row, prompting a walkout by British Airways ground staff that paralysed flights and stranded ... The BBC additionally reported that Andy Cook, Gate Gourmet's director of human resources at that time, said "the company had not been looking to cut the size of the protests, only ...
Gategourmet - Food Safety - Contaminated Carrots Incident
45 people became ill with Shigella after eating contaminated carrots provided by Gate Gourmet ... Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspected Gate Gourmet’s Honolulu facility and determined that there were substantial problems ... Gate Gourmet was warned that unless the problems were rectified, its facility would be shut down ...
Gategourmet - Disputes and Strike Action
... sacked workers, British Airways staff at the airport walked out, and mass pickets of Gate Gourmet were organised by the Transport and General Workers' Union ... Several workers alleged that Gate Gourmet had manufactured the dispute, in order to employ non-union workers at lower rates of pay and with worse conditions of employment ... On 1 March 2007, Texas Pacific Group sold its remaining shares in Gate Gourmet to Merrill Lynch ...

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