What is frock?

  • (verb): Put a frock on.
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Frock has been used since Middle English as the name for an article of clothing for men and women (see also clothing terminology). It is sometimes synonymously used for skirt.

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... A smock-frock or smock is an outer garment traditionally worn by rural workers, especially shepherds and waggoners, in parts of England and Wales from the early eighteenth century ... The traditional smock-frock is made of heavy linen or wool and varies from thigh-length to mid-calf length ... Characteristic features of the smock-frock are fullness across the back, breast, and sleeves folded into "tubes" (narrow unpressed pleats) held in place and decorated by smocking, a type ...
Smock-frock - Development
... It is uncertain whether smock-frocks are "frocks made like smocks" or "smocks made like frocks"—that is, whether the garment evolved from the smock, the shirt or ... What is certain is that the fully developed smock-frock resembles a melding of the two older garments ... From the earlier eighteenth century, the smock-frock was worn by waggoners and carters by the end of that century, it had become the common outer garment of agricultural labourers of ...
Frock Me!
... Frock Me! is an exhibition that specialises in vintage fashion ... Frock Me! was created in 2004 and takes place in Chelsea, London and in Brighton, East Sussex ... Frock Me! has been influential on modern fashion trends with many buyers from High Street fashion stores sourcing inspiration for their designs and patterns from this event ...
Frock Coat
... A frock coat is a man's coat characterised by knee-length skirts all around the base, popular during the Victorian and Edwardian periods ... The frock coat is a fitted, long-sleeved coat with a centre vent at the back, and some features unusual in post-Victorian dress ... The frock coat was widely worn in much the same situations as modern lounge suits and formalwear, with different variations ...
Frock - Related Terms
... A frock coat is a men's coat style of the nineteenth century, characterized by full skirts reaching to the lower thigh or knee ... Despite the similarity in the name, the frock coat should be regarded as being a distinct garment quite separate from the frock ... In the French language the frock coat is called 'une redingote' (from English "riding coat"), and so unlike the English language implies no immediate relationship to the frock which ...

More definitions of "frock":

  • (noun): A one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice.
    Synonyms: dress