What is frigid?

  • (adj): Extremely cold.
    Example: "A frigid day"
    Synonyms: arctic, gelid, glacial, icy, polar
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More definitions of "frigid":

  • (adj): Devoid of warmth and cordiality; expressive of unfriendliness or disdain.
    Example: "A frigid greeting"
    Synonyms: frosty, frozen, glacial, icy, wintry
  • (adj): Sexually unresponsive.
    Example: "A frigid woman"
    Synonyms: cold

Famous quotes containing the word frigid:

    From Bard, to Bard, the frigid Caution crept,
    Till Declamation roar’d, while Passion slept.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)

    O feel as I feel,
    brush your lips along
    my eyelids,
    open wide
    beneath your frigid kisses.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)

    Men always fall for frigid women because they put on the best show.
    Fanny Brice (1891–1951)