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List Of Iced Earth Band Members - Members - Former
2003–2007 Lead Vocals From The Reckoning to Framing Armageddon. 2006–2007 Lead Guitar From Overture of the Wicked to Framing Armageddon ... Hayes, DennisDennis Hayes 2007 Bass From Framing Armageddon to The Crucible of Man ...
Iced Earth - History - Matt Barlow's Return and The Crucible of Man: Something Wicked Part 2 (2007-2010)
... Majority of the album's music had been recorded at the same time as Framing Armageddon, and originally Jon Schaffer had planned to finish the album after the end of 2007 ... The single contained a new song from the forthcoming album, as well as two song from Framing Armageddon, resung by Matt Barlow ... The boxset contained Framing Armageddon Something Wicked Part 1, The Crucible Of Man Something Wicked Part 2, the Overture of the Wicked EP and the I Walk Among You single ...

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