What is firmly?

  • (adv): In a secure manner; in a manner free from danger.
    Synonyms: securely
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Esoteric Interpretation Of The Quran - Islamic Legitimacy - There Is A Verse in Qur'an Related To Esoteric Interpretations
... And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say "We believe in the Book the whole of it is from our Lord" and none will grasp the Message except men of understanding.(Sura 37 ) In the verse quoted above ... By removing the stop it becomes"...no one knows its hidden meaning except God and those who are firmly grounded in knowledge, they say…" which suggests that those firmly grounded in ...
The Child's Bath - Description
... The female figure holds up the child firmly and protectively with her left hand while the other hand carefully washes the child’s feet ... against the mother’s thigh, while the other hand is clamped firmly on the child’s own thigh ... The mother’s right hand presses firmly but still gently on the foot in the basin, mimicking the child’s own pressure on their thigh ...
Bottle Opener - Corkscrews - The Cork Master
... The bottle's neck is inserted firmly in the lower aperture of the tube and the lever pulled down firmly and steadily to the bottom ... the lever to expose the cork at the bottom, it loosens the cork and returns the lever firmly to its starting position, whereupon the cork will then fall out ...
Contemplation (Kafka) - The Stories - "The Trees"
... that with a gentle push we could move them, but we cannot because they are firmly attached to the ground ... The tree trunks apparently cannot be moved because they are firmly rooted to the ground, much like humans are rooted to their beliefs and morals and cannot be changed ... even if trees don't move they are not so firmly rooted, since they eventually fall down —just as humans eventually died ...
Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight - Text of Poem
... flash with sudden light, As she springs, and grasps it firmly "Curfew shall not ring to-night!" Out she swung,-- far out ... Still the maiden, clinging firmly, quivering lip and fair face white, Stilled her frightened heart's wild throbbing "Curfew shall not ring tonight!" It was o'er, the bell ceased ...

More definitions of "firmly":

  • (adv): With firmness.
    Synonyms: hard

Famous quotes containing the word firmly:

    I am firmly opposed to the government entering into any business the major purpose of which is competition with our citizens ... for the Federal Government deliberately to go out to build up and expand ... a power and manufacturing business is to break down the initiative and enterprise of the American people; it is the destruction of equality of opportunity amongst our people, it is the negation of the ideals upon which our civilization has been based.
    Herbert Hoover (1874–1964)

    [I am] firmly persuaded that every time a man smiles,—but much more so, when he laughs, that it adds something to this Fragment of life.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)

    The scholar requires hard and serious labor to give an impetus to his thought. He will learn to grasp the pen firmly so, and wield it gracefully and effectively, as an axe or a sword.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)