What is Finn?

  • (noun): A native or inhabitant of Finland.


Finn (pl. Finns) is commonly used to refer to a member of the Finn ethnic group or a citizen of Finland.

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Scholastic Ogham - Manuscript Traditions On Pragmatic Use of Ogham - Cryptic
... to convey a cryptic message is also found in the story of the Gaelic warrior Finn McCool and his fool or clown Lomnae ... Lomnae notifies Finn of his wife’s infidelity by cutting an inscription on a four sided rod and handing it to Finn ... The message does not directly accuse Finn’s wife, but is instead a series of metaphors ‘A wooden stake ( an alder stake in one version) in a fence of silver, hellebore among ...
List Of Charmed Characters - Alphabetical Character Biographical Listings - Finn
... Finn (Reynaldo Rosales) Finn was a golem made from clay and brought to life by his master and creator, the demon Gammill the Collector who uses Finn's good looks and youthful ... Finn's first appearance in the episode (and purpose in life) is to lure the young lady Claudia to Gammill's lair so he can shink her down and make her part of his collection ...
... Finn (pl ... Finns) is commonly used to refer to a member of the Finn ethnic group or a citizen of Finland ... a name Finn (Frisian), a Frisian King, who appears in Beowulf and The Fight at Finnsburg Finn or Fionn is Irish for "blonde", "bright" or "fair") Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn mac Cumhal anglicised to Finn McCool), a ...
Sailing At The 2008 Summer Olympics – Finn Class
... Finn class competition at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing took place between August 9 and 17 in Qingdao, at the Qingdao International Marina. 26 sailors competed in this Finn dinghy competition ...
Suffer Never (song)
... "Suffer Never" is a song by Tim Finn and Neil Finn during their partnership as Finn Brothers ... It was first released in 1995 on their debut album Finn ...

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    Mark Twain didn’t psychoanalyze Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer. Dickens didn’t put Oliver Twist on the couch because he was hungry! Good copy comes out of people, Johnny, not out of a lot of explanatory medical terms.
    Samuel Fuller (b. 1911)