What is fiddling?

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Chris Daring
... primarily known for her work as a performer and teacher of the Texas style of fiddling, a predominant style of fiddling in the United States ... After mostly leaving the violin world behind to learn fiddling, Daring recorded an album in 1988 with the Nashville Superpickers on which she was featured as the solo artist ... Daring has taught fiddling at the University of Colorado at Denver and the University of Southern Colorado at Pueblo (now known as Colorado State University-Pueblo) ...
Scottish Fiddling
... Scottish fiddling, even to many an untrained ear, can be distinguished from other Celtic and folk fiddling styles by its particular precisionof execution ...
Benny Thomasson - Discography
... Texas Hoedown (County 703) - 1965 Country Fiddling From the Big State (County 724)~ 1970 Dudley Hill - Guitar From a Northern Family (Voyager CD 317 ...
List Of Popular Music Violinists - M
... Ashley MacIsaac (Scottish-Canadian fiddling) Sean Mackin (Yellowcard, rock, pop punk) Buddy MacMaster (Scottish-Canadian fiddling) Natalie MacMaster (Scottish-Canadian fiddling) Hugh ...
Fiddle Styles - Europe - Great Britain
... English folk music fiddling, including The Northumbrian fiddle style, which features "seconding", an improvised harmony part played by a second fiddler ... Scottish fiddling, including Shetland fiddling, which includes trowie tunes said to come from peerie folk ... Welsh fiddling (Welsh Ffidil see Ar Log), a recently revived tradition ...

Famous quotes containing the word fiddling:

    If you love music, hear it; go to operas, concerts and pay fiddlers to play to you; but I insist on your neither piping nor fiddling yourself. It puts a gentleman in a very frivolous, contemptible light.... Few things would mortify me more than to see you bearing a part in a concert, with a fiddle under your chin, or a pipe in your mouth.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)

    I have done my fiddling so long under Vesuvius that I have almost forgotten to play, and can only wait for the eruption and think it long of coming. Literally no man has more wholly outlived life than I. And still it’s good fun.
    Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894)

    He is fiddling while Rome is burning, and, unlike the enormous majority of people who do this, fiddling with his face towards the flames.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)