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Zalma, Missouri - History
... at the nearby ford, and that was where the family wash was done ... the mill was later transferred to the Davault Bollinger line ... It connected the old Cape Girardeau and State Line properties with the Iron Mountain Line at Delta ...
Pfuel - Family Line
... Ancestors' list for direct paternal main line Henricus de Puele, ca. 1215 Heino de Puele (1282–1307) Heino von Pule (1306–1349) Strassen von Pfuel (died 1375) Otto von Pfuel (1375–1420) Bertram von Pfuel (born ...
Digital Equipment Corporation - Accomplishments
... especially the ASCII character set, which survives in Unicode and the ISO 8859 character set family ... also produced the popular VAX computer family, the first pure 64-bit microprocessor architecture (Alpha AXP), the first commercially successful workstation (th ... Digital was to the command-line interface (CLI) what Apple was to the Graphic User Interface GUI there was history before and innovation after, but it was Digital's operating ...
Transport and Transit Travel - Traffic Between East and West Berlin
... after the former Governing Mayor of West Berlin into Kraftwerk Reuter West) went on line and West Berlin's electricity board declared independence ... people lived in one half of the city and had family, friends, and jobs in the other ... Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG-East, BVB as of 1 January 1969) staffed all trams, whose lines crossed the sectorial border, with women drivers, which were not ...

Famous quotes containing the words line and/or family:

    Any walk through a park that runs between a double line of mangy trees and passes brazenly by the ladies’ toilet is invariably known as “Lover’s Lane.”
    F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)

    With all the attention paid to your new baby, it’s easy for your own feelings and needs to get lost in the shuffle. Although all parents engage in some self-sacrifice for their children, keep in mind that your goal isn’t just to raise a happy, healthy child. You want that child to be part of a happy, healthy family as well.
    Lawrence Kutner (20th century)