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Doc Scurlock - Lawman, Regulator
... a murdering fugitive and member of the Jesse Evans Gang named Frank Freeman ... In October 1877, the Evans Gang stole horses belonging to John Tunstall, Alexander McSween and Richard "Dick" Brewer from Brewer's Rio Ruidoso ranch ... Scurlock and Bowdre, as well as Brewer, went off in pursuit of the Evans Gang and located them, but were unable to regain possession of the stolen horses ...
Pony Diehl
... Mexico during the 1870s, riding with the John Kinney Gang, then later with the Jesse Evans Gang ... While with the Kinney Gang, on December 31, 1875, Diehl, John Kinney, Jesse Evans, and gang member Jim McDaniels entered a saloon in Las Cruces, New ... Diehl rode with the Kinney Gang through 1875 ...
Crown Records - Modern Records Subsidiary - Album - Mono
... LP (1958) CLP-5081...Johnny Cole and the Robert Evans Chorus Christmas Carols LP (1958) CLP-5082...Brass Swingin' Band LP (1958), studio group CLP-5083 ... Rudy Vallée? LP (1961) CLP-5205...Drink-a-Long Sing-a-Long Gang LP (1961), studio group CLP-5206...The Polynesians Hawaii Calling LP (1961) CLP-5207...Coleman Hawkins The Hawk Swings LP (1961) CLP-5208...Lillie ... Singers Spirituals LP (1961) CLP-5211...Camp Fire Sing-a-Long Gang LP (1961) CLP-5212...The Continental Octette Modern Jazz Greats LP (1961) CLP-5213...v/a Oldies and Goodies Country Western #1 LP (1961) CLP-5214 ...
Crown Records - Modern Records Subsidiary - Album - Stereo
... Stereo albums CST-1...Johnny Cole the Robert Evans Chorus Christmas Carols LP (1958) CST-2...Smith Singers Christmas Carols LP (1961) CST-3...Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Other ... CST-221...Jim Day Organ Favorites LP (1961) CST-222...Drink-a-Long Sing-a-Long Gang LP (1961), studio group CST-223...The Polynesians Hawaii Calling LP (1961) CST-224...Coleman Hawkins The Hawk Sings ... CST-503...The Mexicali Brass Michelle LP (1964?) CST-504...The Bar Room Gang Bar Room Singing LP (1965) CST-505...Andy Jones The Plainsmen No Letter Today Other Country Western ...

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    Raise your eyes and count the small gang of your oppressors who are only strong through the blood they suck from you and through your arms which you lend them unwillingly.
    Georg Büchner (1813–1837)

    ... actresses are such very dull people off the stage. We are only delightful and brilliant when we are doing what we are told to do. Off stage we are awful chumps.
    —Dame Edith Evans (1888–1976)