What is erudite?

  • (adj): Having or showing profound knowledge.
    Example: "An erudite professor"
    Synonyms: learned

Some articles on erudite, erudites:

Erudition - Meaning
... An erudite person has both deep and broad familiarity with general subjects, and is usually knowledgeable in a particular subject by virtue of study and ... Thus, an erudite jurist has both deep, specific knowledge of the law, and broad knowledge in the form of social and historical context of law an erudite jurist may additionally know the ... The Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi was erudite he read and studied the classics and was deeply influenced by many philosophers ...
History Of Portuguese - Historical Sound Changes
... localem ("place"), which had evolved to lugar, was later re-introduced as the more erudite local ... Many erudite Greek words and combining elements were also introduced or re-introduced in this way ... jail, chain) (L) cadena (jail, chain) (more erudite) Palatalization of liquids and nasals—the consonants and assimilated with the semivowel, producing the ...
Complete Psionic - Contents - Classes
... Complete Psionic introduces three entirely new classes, and a fourth class, the erudite, which is described as a variant of the psion class ... Ardent Divine Mind Lurk The Erudite is a variant of the psion contained near the end of Complete Psionic ... Erudites do not specialise in 'disciplines' as do psions, but they are capable of memorising a virtually unlimited number of psionic powers, at the limitation that they can ...