What is english law?

English Law

English law is the legal system of England and Wales, and is the basis of common law legal systems used in the Republic of Ireland and in most Commonwealth countries and the United States except Louisiana (as opposed to civil law or pluralist systems in use in other countries). It was exported to Commonwealth countries while the British Empire was established and maintained, and it forms the basis of the jurisprudence of most of those countries. English law prior to the American Revolution is still part of the law of the United States through reception statutes, except in Louisiana, and provides the basis for many American legal traditions and policies, though it has no superseding jurisdiction.

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English Law and Contemporary Welsh Law
... See also English law English law, or UK laws still apply to Wales under the present devolution settlement ... Contemporary Welsh law will govern the local aspects of Welsh life whilst English law will govern the more generic aspects ... Because these laws are derived from UK Acts of Parliament, some people consider this new system of laws to be another branch of English law ...
Sources Of Singapore Law - Custom - Examples of Custom
... The general reception of English law under the Second Charter of Justice (see the article "Law of Singapore") was subject to three qualifications, one of which was that English law should be modified ... This principle was generally applied in family law and related matters thus, in certain early cases English law was modified by Chinese, Malay and Hindu customary law, and some native usages or ... of the Women's Charter in 1961 has unified the family law for all ethno-religious groups in Singapore except the Muslims, who are separately regulated by the Administration of Muslim Law Act ...
Administrative Liability In English Law
... Administrative liability in English Law is an area of law concerning the tortious liability of public bodies in English law ... The existence of private law tort applying to public bodies is a result of Diceyan constitutional theory suggesting that it would be unfair if a separate system of liability existing for government and officials ... to fit into one of the recognised private law courses of action ...
Sources Of Singapore Law - Legislation - Statutes - Examples of Statutes
... The Application of English Law Act sets out the extent to which English law applies in Singapore today ... and cheating, and also sets out general principles of criminal law in Singapore ... The Sale of Goods Act, an English Act made applicable to Singapore by the Application of English Law Act, sets out legal rules relating to the sale and purchase of goods ...
English Law - Subjects and Links - Miscellaneous
... Alcohol licensing laws of the United Kingdom. ...

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