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Emperor Min Of Jin
... Emperor Min of Jin, Simplified Chinese character 晋愍帝, Traditional Chinese character 晉愍帝, Pinyin ... Jìn Mǐndì, Wade-Giles Chin Min-ti (300 – February 7, 318), personal name Sima Ye (司馬鄴 or 司馬業), courtesy name Yanqi (彥旗), was an emperor of the Jin Dynasty (265-420 ... Emperor Min surrendered in 316 to Liu Yao, a general of the Xiongnu state Han Zhao, and was later executed by Liu Cong, the emperor of Han Zhao, in 318 ...
Liu Yao - During Liu Cong's and Liu Can's Reigns
... successfully killed two) and succeeded to the throne himself as Emperor Zhaowu ... Le, and Huyan Yan (呼延晏), captured Luoyang and Emperor Huai of Jin ... He took Emperor Huai's sister-in-law, the deceased Emperor Hui's wife, Yang Xianrong, as his own wife ...
Meng Zhixiang - As Emperor of Independent Later Shu State
... claimed the Later Shu throne, the Later Tang imperial succession was thrown into turmoil when Emperor Min's chiefs of staff, Zhu Hongzhao and Feng Yun, who suspected both ... sent against him and advanced toward Luoyang, eventually killing Emperor Min and taking the throne himself ...
Sima Bao
... was a Jin Dynasty (265-420) imperial prince who briefly contended for the position of emperor after Emperor Min was captured by Han Zhao forces ... Prince of Nanyang was a younger brother of Sima Yue the Prince of Donghai, who was regent for Emperor Hui and Emperor Huai ... Late in 313, after Emperor Huai was captured by Han Zhao after the fall of the capital Luoyang, Sima Mo, who was defending Chang'an, was captured by the Han Zhao general Zhao Ran (趙染) and ...

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