What is Dy?

  • (noun): A trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group; forms compounds that are highly magnetic.
    Synonyms: dysprosium, atomic number 66

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Shen (clam-monster) - Etymologies
... Carr (1990144-145) etymologically hypothesizes that the chen < *dyən 辰 phonetic series (using Bernhard Karlgren's Old Chinese reconstructions) split between *dyən "dragon" and *tyən "thunder" ... The former words include aquatic shen < *dyən 蜃 "large shellfish sea dragon", celestial chen < *dyən 晨 "dragon star", and possibly through dragon-emperor ...
Dy - Astronomy
... DY Persei, a variable star in the Perseus constellation DY Persei variable, a subclass of R Coronae Borealis variables DY Eridani, a triple star system less than 16.5 light years away from Earth ...