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Dutch Language

Dutch ( Nederlands) is a West Germanic language and the native language of most of the population of the Netherlands, and about sixty percent of the populations of Belgium and Suriname, the three member states of the Dutch Language Union. Most speakers live in the European Union, where it is a first language for about 23 million and a second language for another 5 million people. It also holds official status in the Caribbean island nations of Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten, while historical minorities remain in parts of France and Germany, and to a lesser extent, in Indonesia, and up to half a million native Dutch speakers may be living in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The Cape Dutch dialects of Southern Africa have been standardised into Afrikaans, a mutually intelligible daughter language of Dutch which today is spoken to some degree by an estimated total of 15 to 23 million people in South Africa and Namibia.

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Dutch Language - Dutch As A Foreign Language
... As a foreign language, Dutch is mainly taught in primary and secondary schools in areas adjacent to the Netherlands and Flanders ... In French-speaking Belgium, over 300,000 pupils are enrolled in Dutch courses, followed by over 20,000 in the German states of Lower Saxony and North ... Dutch is the obligatory medium of instruction in schools in Suriname, even for non-native speakers ...
Medieval Dutch Literature - Early Stages
... In the earliest stages of the Dutch language, a considerable degree of mutual intelligibility with some (what we now call) German dialects was present, and some fragments and authors are claimed for both ... Examples include the 12th-century poet Henric van Veldeke, who is claimed by both Dutch and German literature ... In the first stages of Dutch literature, poetry was the predominant form of literary expression ...
... Dutch profanity can be divided into several categories ... Often, the words used in profanity by speakers of Dutch are based around various names for diseases ... a substantial number of curse words in the Dutch language are references to sexual acts, genitalia, or bodily functions ...
Luc Cromheecke - Awards
... at the Angoulême International Comics Festival 2002 Best Author (Dutch language) at the Prix Saint-Michel, Brussels 2003 Best Youth Album (Dutch language) at ...

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    I am both a public and a private school boy myself, having always changed schools just as the class in English in the new school was taking up Silas Marner, with the result that it was the only book in the English language that I knew until I was eighteen—but, boy, did I know Silas Marner!
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    ‘Tis probable Religion after this
    Came next in order; which they could not miss.
    How could the Dutch but be converted, when
    The Apostles were so many fishermen?
    Besides the waters of themselves did rise,
    And, as their land, so them did re-baptize.
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)