What is droop?

  • (noun): A shape that sags.
    Synonyms: sag
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Counting Single Transferable Votes - Quota - Droop Quota
... The most common quota formula is the Droop quota which given as The Droop Quota Droop produces a lower quota than Hare ... If each ballot has a full list of preferences, Droop guarantees that every winner meets the quota rather than being elected as the last remaining candidate after lower candidates ... dropped (the result is rounded down to the next whole number.) Droop is the only whole-number threshold for which (a) a majority of the voters can ...
Droop Speed Control
... In electricity generation, droop speed control is the primary instantaneous system using net frequency deviations to distribute with stability load changes ... plants operate with a five percent speed droop ... Adjustments in power output are made by slowly raising the droop curve by increasing the spring pressure on a centrifugal governor or by an engine control unit adjustment ...
The Booze Brothers - Liner Notes
... The Droop began in the late sixties with Big Ron and various other players being dragged out of the pub in High Wycombe area and forced to play ... Around this time the Droop were in the middle of recording tracks in an unknown location in the U.K ... Brewers Droop began as a Cajun band and progressed to what is recorded on the disc ...
John Percival Droop
... John Percival Droop (4 October 1882 – 26 September 1963) was a British classical archaeologist ... dating from the 5th century BC, which later became known as Droop cups ... He was the son of Henry Richmond Droop (1832–1884), the mathematician, and Clara Baily (ca ...
Droop, West Virginia - Places of Interest
... Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park The Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, Civil War History Beartown State Park Hiking Trails at Both State ...

More definitions of "droop":

  • (verb): Become limp.
    Synonyms: wilt
  • (verb): Hang loosely or laxly.
    Synonyms: loll
  • (verb): Droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness.
    Synonyms: sag, swag, flag

Famous quotes containing the word droop:

    And by another year,
    Such as God knows, with freer air,
    More fruits and fairer flowers
    Will bear,
    While I droop here.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)