What is dogsbody?

  • (noun): A domestic servant.
    Synonyms: menial


A dogsbody, or less commonly dog robber in the Royal Navy, is a junior officer, or more generally someone who does drudge work. A rough American equivalent would be a "gofer" or a "grunt", a "lackey", or "toady".

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Dogsbody - Trivia
... The kitchen maid "Daisy" refers to herself as a dogsbody in the Season 2 finale of "Downton Abbey." Baldrick, the character in Blackadder, is called a dogsbody ... minor characters at Millennium, named Henry Cortez, as a dogsbody on page 338 of the paperback edition ... to Merlin that the young warlock is his dogsbody, along with being Arthur's servant, in the third episode of the BBC's Merlin TV series ...