What is disseminate?

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Manipur University - Welfare Corner - Employment Information and Guidance Bureaue
... The main function of the Bureau is to disseminate the Employment Information for various courses or studies syllabus etc ... vocational guidance to the students individually or in group and to collect and disseminate the occupational information, Training facilities, Financial assistance available in India and ... To collect and disseminate occupational Information regarding occupations, Scholarship, fellowships and financial assistance available in India and abroad ...
Phill Niblock - Discography
... Disseminate (contains Disseminate Ostrava Kontradictionaries Disseminate Q-O2) ...

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    Nature seems to have taken a particular Care to disseminate her Blessings among the different Regions of the World, with an Eye to this mutual Intercourse and Traffick among Mankind, that the Natives of the several Parts of the Globe might have a kind of Dependance [sic] upon one another, and be united together by their common Interest.
    Joseph Addison (1672–1719)