What is dispose?

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Dispose Pattern
... In computer programming, the dispose pattern is a design pattern which is used to handle resource cleanup in runtime environments that use automatic garbage collection ... The fundamental problem that the dispose pattern aims to solve is that, because objects in a garbage-collected environment have finalizers rather than destructors ... The dispose pattern works around this by giving an object a method (usually called Dispose or similar) which frees any resources the object is holding onto ...
Legal History Of Wills - History of Wills in Other Jurisdictions - France (as of 1911)
... cases his quantile disponible is subject to reserve if the testator has one child he may only dispose of half his estate, if two only one-third, if three or more ... years, but minors over the age of sixteen may dispose by will of half of the estate of which they could dispose had they been of full age ... A contract to dispose of the succession is invalid, s ...
Pin Drop Violence - Compose…Oppose…Dispose
... released their debut album "Compose…Oppose…Dispose" in 2004, which was produced by Randolph (Pentagram), released on OML records and distributed by Sony Music India ... Compose…Oppose…Dispose Tracklist 1 ...
Family Values (The Outer Limits) - Plot
... Jerry attempts to dismantle and dispose of Gideon only to realize he is back at home the next day fully functioning ... Gideon threatens to dispose of Jerry if he tries to dispose of Gideon again ...
Comparison Of Programming Languages (object-oriented Programming) - Class Members - Constructors and Destructors
... instructions } C# class(«parameters») { instructions } void Dispose{ instructions } ~class { instructions } D this(«parameters») { instructions } ~this { instructions } Java class(«p ... Visual Basic.NET Sub New(«parameters») instructions End Sub Sub Dispose instructions End Sub Overrides Sub Finalize instructions End Sub PHP function __construct(«parameters») { instructions ... OCaml initializer instructions F# do instructions or new(parameters) = expression member this.Dispose = instructions override this.Finalize = instructions JavaScript function name«(«pa ...

More definitions of "dispose":

  • (verb): Make fit or prepared.
    Synonyms: qualify
  • (verb): Make receptive or willing towards an action or attitude or belief.
    Synonyms: incline
  • (verb): Give, sell, or transfer to another.
    Example: "She disposed of her parents' possessions"

Famous quotes containing the word dispose:

    Virtues are not emotions. Emotions are movements of appetite, virtues dispositions of appetite towards movement. Moreover emotions can be good or bad, reasonable or unreasonable; whereas virtues dispose us only to good. Emotions arise in the appetite and are brought into conformity with reason; virtues are effects of reason achieving themselves in reasonable movements of the appetites. Balanced emotions are virtue’s effect, not its substance.
    Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–1274)

    It is plain that the reviewers, both here and abroad, do not know how to dispose of this man.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    It is remarkable, but on the whole, perhaps, not to be lamented, that the world is so unkind to a new book. Any distinguished traveler who comes to our shores is likely to get more dinners and speeches of welcome than he can well dispose of, but the best books, if noticed at all, meet with coldness and suspicion, or, what is worse, gratuitous, off-hand criticism.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)