What is dimensional array?

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Least Number Bits - Architecture
... of a data field into a contiguous one dimensional array that disregards the word and byte boundaries of conventional storage technology ... A one-dimensional array is a string of one or more compressed occurrences of a specific data field, or even a bit position of a specific data field in its compressed form ... used in conventional file organizations, gaps are not permitted within a one-dimensional array ...
... A tensor can be represented as a multi-dimensional array of numerical values ... (also degree or rank) of a tensor is the dimensionality of the array needed to represent it, or equivalently, the number of indices needed to label a component of that array ... a linear map can be represented by a matrix, a 2-dimensional array, and therefore is a 2nd-order tensor ...
Array Data Structure - Array Element Identifier and Addressing Formulas - Multidimensional Arrays
... For a two-dimensional array, the element with indices i,j would have address B + c · i + d · j, where the coefficients c and d are the row and column ... More generally, in a k-dimensional array, the address of an element with indices i1, i2, …, ik is B + c1 · i1 + c2 · i2 + … + ck · ik ... For example int a This means that array a has 3 rows and 2 columns, and the array is of integer type ...
Array Data Structure - Meaning of Dimension
... The dimension of an array is the number of indices needed to select an element ... Thus, if the array is seen as a function on a set of possible index combinations, it is the dimension of the space of which its domain is a discrete subset ... Thus a one-dimensional array is a list of data, a two-dimensional array a rectangle of data, a three-dimensional array a block of data, etc ...

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