What is devising?

  • (noun): The act that results in something coming to be.
    Example: "The devising of plans"
    Synonyms: fashioning, making

Some articles on devising:

Steve Dixon (actor) - The Chameleons Group - Chameleons: The Dark Perversity of Chameleons
... It was a technically ambitious project that involved the devising of a theatrical text and the shooting and editing of over six hours of original video material ... The devising process incorporated a composer (Steven Durrant) who wrote and recorded original music for the production ... However, three weeks into the devising process it was evident amongst the performers that it was very difficult to practically realise Antonin Artaud’s theories of the actor ...
Devised Theatre - Devising Methods
... It is very hard to pin down exact methods for devising as every group of collaborators will have different ways of approaching the creative process ... This, however, as with most elements of devising, varies depending on the group in question ...
Stan's Cafe - The Company
... in Simple Maths, went on to became a full-time employee of the company, devising and performing in all the company's shows as well as leading on numerous education projects ... Gerard Bell first appeared for the company devising The Cleansing of Constance Brown ... Series where his graphic design is integral to the piece and he collaborates on devising the story alongside Stephens and Yarker ...

Famous quotes containing the word devising:

    Men of genius are not be analyzed by commonplace rules. The rest of us who have been or are leaders, more commonplace in our quality, will do well to remember two things. One is never to forget posterity when devising a policy. The other is never to think of posterity when making a speech.
    Robert Menzies (1894–1978)

    Before devising any blueprint that includes the assumption of Having It All, we need to ask ... Why do we need Everything?
    Letty Cottin Pogrebin (b. 1939)