What is delta iii?

Delta III

The Delta III rocket was an expendable launch vehicle made by Boeing. The first Delta III launch was on August 26, 1998. Of its three flights, the first two were failures, and the third, though declared successful, reached the low end of its targeted orbit range and carried only a dummy (inert) payload. Delta III had the capability to deliver 8,400 pounds (3,800 kilograms) of cargo to geostationary transfer orbit, twice the payload of its predecessor in the Delta rocket family, the Delta II.

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Delta III - Vehicle Description
... The Delta III had the kerosene/oxygen first stage of a Delta II ... The separate liquid-oxygen tank retained the 2.4 m diameter of previous Deltas. 13 meters and 1.01 m (40 inches) for the GEMs on Delta II ...
... The Thorad-Agena was an American expendable launch system, derived from the Thor and Delta rockets ... of the rocket was the stretched variant of the Thor which had been developed for the Delta programme ... Current Spaceflight portal Antares Ariane 5 Atlas V Delta II IV Dnepr-1 GSLV H-IIA H-IIB Falcon 9‡ Kaituozhe-1 Kosmos-3M Long March 1D 2C 2D 2F 3A 3B 3C 4B 4C Minotaur ...
Graphite-Epoxy Motor - Variants
... Techsystems manufactures GEMs for Boeing's Delta II, III, and IV launch vehicles in the following sizes GEM-40, 40-inch-diameter (1,000 mm) solid motor used on Delta II beginning in 1990 ... Delta II vehicles can use three, four, or nine GEM-40s ... warheads GEM-46 (GEM-LDXL), lengthened 46-inch-diameter (1,200 mm) solid motor developed for Delta III ...
Delta III Class Submarine - Design
... The Delta III subs are significantly quieter and have a higher missile section for new longer missiles ... The Delta III class are fitted with a new sonar system, the MGK-400 Rubikon (in submarine K-424, the older MGK-100 Kerch was installed), developed under the leadership of main designer S.M ... The Delta III is equipped with a new battle management system, the Almaz-BDR (or MVU-JZBDR) torpedo fire control ...

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