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Porsche 964 - Carrera RS Variants
... of power windows or seats, rear seats, air conditioning, cruise control, sound deadening or a stereo system (optionally fitted) and new racing-bucket front seats were part of the package ... The trunk hood was made of aluminum, the chassis was seam welded and sound deadening was deleted ... Also available were a heavier Touring variant (with sound deadening, power seats (optional), undercarriage protection and power windows) and an N/GT racing variant with a stripped, blank metal interior and a roll cage ...
Vehicle Audio - Common Components and Terms - Damping
... Sound deadening material is often used in the door cavities and boot/trunk area to damp excess vibration of the panels in the car in response to loud subwoofer bass tones ... The most common type of deadening is either butyl or rubberized asphalt, a product which has an adhesive quality and can be applied by simply pressing it into place with a roller and using a heat gun (or hair ... Other types of deadening include Spray on Sound Dampening, less common because of the additional installation difficulties ...

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    Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of habit.
    W. Somerset Maugham (1874–1965)

    Woman was originally the inventor, the manufacturer, the provider. She has allowed one office after another gradually to slip from her hand, until she retains, with loose grasp, only the so-called housekeeping.... Having thus given up one by one the occupations which required knowledge of materials and processes, and skill in using them ... she rightly feels that what’s left is mere deadening drudgery.
    Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)