What is dcop?


DCOP, which stands for Desktop COmmunication Protocol, is a light-weight interprocess and software componentry communication system. The main point of this system is to allow applications to interoperate, and to share complex tasks. Essentially, DCOP is a ‘remote control’ system, which allows an application or a script to enlist the help of other applications. It is built on top of the X Window System’s Inter-Client Exchange protocol.

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DCOP Model
... Each application using DCOP is a client ... They communicate to each other through a DCOP server, which functions like a traffic director, dispatching messages/calls to the proper destinations ... Two types of actions are possible with DCOP "send and forget" messages, which do not block, and "calls," which block waiting for some data to be returned ...
Distributed Constraint Optimization - Definitions - Context
... A Context is a variable assignment for a DCOP ... This can be thought of as a function mapping variables in the DCOP to their current values Note that a context is essentially a partial solution and need not contain ... values) of the function f can be thought of as the set of all possible contexts for the DCOP ...
Distributed Constraint Optimization - Definitions - DCOP
... A DCOP can be defined as a tuple, where is a set of agents is a set of variables, is a set of domains, where each is a finite set containing the values to which its associated variable may be ... This is usually accomplished through summation The objective of a DCOP is to have each agent assign values to its associated variables in order to ...