What is datsun racing team?

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1969 Rothmans 12 Hour Classic - Results
... Motors 6 ... John Roxburgh, Doug Whiteford Datsun 1600 Datsun Racing Team 415 Class A Up to $1850 1 B Tapsall, R Sorensen, R Gibson Datsun 1000 Datsun Racing Team ...
1965 Armstrong 500 - Results
... Pos Class Class Pos No Team Drivers Car Laps 1 D 11 ... Fairfield Motors Pty Ltd Barry Seton Midge Bosworth Ford Cortina Mk.I GT500 2 ... D 4 ... Grawill Motors Pty Ltd Bruce ... Ford Motor Co Ian Geoghegan Leo Geoghegan Ford Cortina Mk.I GT500 130 DNS A 46 Scuderia Veloce Datsun Racing Team Spencer Martin Bill Brown Datsun 1300 DNS A 48 Scuderia Veloce Datsun Racing Team ...
1968 Surfers Paradise 6 Hour
... Ford 3 ... Doug Whiteford John Roxburgh Frank Coad 4 Datsun 2000 Datsun Racing Team 4 ... Fritz Kahout Don O'Sullivan Howie Sangster Stan Starcevich Porsche 911S F Kahout 5 ... Don Holland ...
1969 Datsun Three Hour - Results
... Ford Motor Company 116 Class A 1 Bob Holden Don Toffolon Datsun 1000 Datsun Racing Team 2 ... Allan Johns Warren Gracie Hillman GT Allan Johns 96 DNF Barry Tapsall Datsun 1000 ...
1967 Gallaher 500 - Results
... Pos Class Class Pos No Team Drivers Car Laps Qual Pos 1 D 52 ... Ford Australia Harry Firth Fred Gibson Ford XR Falcon GT 2 ... D 53 ... Ford Australia. 30 Gordon Stewart’s Sports Car Centre Don Holland Peter Cray Morris Cooper 28 ... A 1 ... Datsun Racing Team Kunimitsu Takahashi Hideo Oishi Datsun 29 ... C 41 ... Scuderia Veloce Mike Kable John ...

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