What is data file?

  • (noun): A set of related records (either written or electronic) kept together.
    Synonyms: file

Data File

A data file is a computer file which stores data to use by a computer application or system. It generally does not refer to files that contain instructions or code to be executed (typically called program files), or to files which define the operation or structure of an application or system (which include configuration files, directory files, etc.); but specifically to information used as input, or written as output by some other software program. This is especially helpful when debugging a program.

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List Of File Formats (alphabetical) - W
... Description Used by W Word chart file APPLAUSE W01 Yamaha SY-series wave files AWAVE W01 Yamaha TX16W wave file AWAVE W30 Printer font AST TurboLaser - Ventura Publisher W31 Startup file ... Nintendo Wii WAG Yard Contents File FYM WAI Warcraft III AI Data File Warcraft III AI Data File WAR Java Web Archive A Java file format used to package and deploy web applications WAS ProComm ... AWAVE WFT Web Family Tree GRAMPS WFX Data file Winfax WG1 Worksheet Lotus 1-2-3/G WG2 Worksheet Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2 WID Width table Ventura Publisher WIM Windows Imaging Format ...
Importer (computing)
... An importer is a software application that reads in a data file or metadata information in one format and converts it to another format via special algorithms (such as filters) ... When implemented in this way, the importer reads the data from the file and converts it into the hosting application's native format ... For example, the data file for a 3D model may be written from a modeler, such as 3D Studio Max ...
MYOB (company) - Data File Activation
... MYOB incorporated data file level copy protection into its small business accounting products around 2004 (AccountEdge 4) ... The Data File Activation goes beyond Application Activation and imposes limits on the number of data files that can be worked on by a legitimate copy of MYOB small business accounting software ... To limit the size of the file, MYOB Business Management Software initially was set up so the user only had access to two years of data ...
Data File Categories
... Data files come in two broad categories open and closed ... Closed data file formats Closed data (frequently referred to as proprietary format files) files have their metadata data elements hidden, obscured or unavailable to users of the ... Application developers do this to discourage users from tampering with or corrupting the data files or importing the data into a competitor's application ...
List Of File Formats (alphabetical) - R
... Description Used by R Ratfor file R Script file R R00, R01. ... Part of a multi-file RAR archive R2D Reflex 2 datafile Reflex 2 R3D Red Raw Video (raw video data created with a Red camera) Red Camera R8 Raw graphics file (one byte ... files RA RA0, RA1. ...

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