What is Cyrillic alphabet?

  • (noun): An alphabet drived from the Greek alphabet and used for writing Slavic languages.
    Synonyms: Cyrillic

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Montenegrin Alphabet - Cyrillic Alphabet
... The Montenegrin Cyrillic alphabet (Montenegrin црногорска ћирилица / crnogorska ćirilica) or Азбука is officially proposed for Cyrillic ... addition of the Orthographic Dictionary), replacing the Serbian Cyrillic script which was official until then ...
Yañalif - Cyrillization
... Even though Atatürk's alphabet was different from Jaꞑalif, for Soviet officials the Latin script was a symbol of the outer, bourgeois world ... As was said, alphabet was switched to Cyrillic "by labor's request." There are also several projects of Cyrillization ... Ilminski's alphabet was already forgotten and it couldn't be used, due to its religious origin ...
Bukhori Dialect
... Writing systems Perso-Arabic script Cyrillic alphabet Romanized Persian alphabet Geographic distribution Persian by country Bukhori (Persian ... traditionally, Bukhori uses the Hebrew alphabet ... the past century, due to Soviet influence, the alphabet used to write Bukhori included Latin (1920's) then the Cyrillic (1940) ...
Turkmen Language - Writing System
... Turkmen currently is rendered in the “Täze Elipbiý”, or “New Alphabet”, which is based on the Latin alphabet ... However, the old "Soviet" Cyrillic alphabet is still in wide use ... of President Niyazov continued to use the Cyrillic alphabet on websites and publications, most likely to distance themselves from the alphabet that Niyazov created ...
Tatar Alphabet - History of Tatar Writing
... Before 1928, the Tatar language was usually written using the Arabic alphabet.The Tatar Arabic alphabet used some letters such as چ and پ also found in the Persian modification of the ... In 1918 the alphabet was revised (see Yanga imla some letters for Tatar sounds were added, some Arabic letters were deleted) ... A Latin alphabet (Jaŋalif) was used from 1928 but superseded by a Cyrillic alphabet in 1939 ...

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