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Cugir (; German: Kunendorf, Kudschir, Hungarian: Kudzsir) is a town in Alba county, the central settlement of the Breadfield, in Romania. About 45 kilometers south-west of Alba-Iulia, the capital of the county, and 300 meters above sea level at the base of the Surianu Mountains. It has a population of 25.950.

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Cugir - Economy
... The town is a heavy industrialised one, with at least half of the total working age population engaged in industrial activities, and around 30% engaged in lumbering activities ... The S.C ...
... The central settlement is Cugir (Hungarian Kudzsir, German Kudschir) ... The Cugir Creek's old Magyar name is Kenyér (bread), which gave rise to the name Breadfield ... The region's borders to the south are the Cugir Mountains, to the north the Mureș, to the west Hunedoara County, and to the east the Sebeș River ...
PSL (rifle) - Overview
... originally made at the Regia Autonomă pentru Producţia de Tehnică Militară - RATMIL Cugir arsenal in Cugir, Romania ... arsenals when Romania joined NATO, production of the PSL is now at the SC Fabrica de Arme Cugir SA (ARMS arsenal) in Cugir, Romania which is completely retooled ...